Wonderlights returns to World Wide Technology Raceway


MADISON, Ill. — For the fourth year in a row, World Wide Technology Raceway is hosting the Wonderlights Christmas Festival, a spectacular light show that dazzles those driving through the show. Emily Fleenor is the marketing director and says the holiday season is the highlight of the year for her family.

“This all started because our family loved to load up in the car and drive around our community and look at everyone’s beautiful Christmas displays that they had on their homes,” said Fleenor.

The track has millions of individual lights that are set to go on and off to a wide variety of Christmas songs, from all-time classics to Christmas-themed versions of iconic songs.

“You tune in your car radio to 89.5 FM, and as you drive through the lights, you’re going to see the lights are actually dancing to the music all around you,” said Fleenor.

It took about six weeks to assemble the scene. Visitors will see dancing elves, candy canes, and flashing arches overhead, among many other decorations. One thing that Fleenor says is new is a gigantic tree that reaches to the top of the Wallace grandstands.

“We’ve got a hundred-foot tall Christmas tree behind us right now, as well as ten verticals that function almost like an equalizer on the back of Wallace grandstands,” said Fleenor.

Fleenor says the show is a great place to slow down, enjoy the lights and the music, and be with your favorite people.


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