What Would My Ancestors Say About Modern Technology? | by Nathan Chen | Nov, 2023


Caught in a web of pixels and traditions

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Growing up in a world where the only ‘Apple’ known to my ancestors was the one that fell from trees, it’s sometimes a whimsical thought exercise to imagine what they’d make of today’s technology. Would they marvel at how we’ve harnessed the power of lightning or recoil at the sight of us talking to inanimate objects expecting a response? Let’s face it, if I had to explain to my great-grandfather what a TikTok was, I suspect he’d think it was a new type of clock.

There’s something profoundly beautiful yet disconcerting about the way technology has evolved. It’s like watching a child grow up — filled with potential but not without its tantrums. I remember my first encounter with a computer as a little kid. It was an enigmatic box of secrets that I could only unlock with the right combination of clicks and commands. Fast forward to today, and my phone probably knows more about me than I do about myself.

I often catch myself wondering, what would my ancestors say about all this? In my mind’s eye, I can almost see my great-grandmother, a woman of few words but deep wisdom, staring at a smartphone as if it was an alien artifact. She’d probably say something profound like, “In your quest to connect the world, don’t disconnect from yourself.” I can’t help but think she’d have a point.

Laughter Through the Generations

Humor has always been a way for my family to bridge gaps — whether generational or cultural. I can imagine the chuckles and outright guffaws that would ensue if I tried to explain that you could find a partner by swiping on faces. “In my day, you had to at least buy someone some flowers first,” I can almost hear my grandfather jest, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

The Duality of Digital Life

There’s an undeniable duality to modern technology. On one hand, it grants us the power to explore realms beyond our physical reach. On the other, it can create chasms between us, even as we sit side by side. It’s this paradox that often leaves me pondering — are we mastering technology, or is it mastering us?


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