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The term genius in the cyber technology field is frequently used to describe brilliant people adept at software coding or inventing new network hardware devices. Some examples include cyber inventors who created Chat GPT, quantum computing or designed new computer chips. However, in many cases, this word is misapplied. What are the qualities composing an actual genius? And who are considered real geniuses?

The private high school I attended in upstate New York, Storm King High School, has some intelligent students, and sometimes people would refer to one or more of these individuals as geniuses. They excelled academically. However, I doubt they were geniuses.

Glenn Fiedelholtz was a senior cyber threat analyst for the federal government for 25 years. In addition, he worked for Raytheon and Northern Grumman Corporation as a cyber security analyst. He published the Cyber Security Network Guide textbook and many scholarly articles concerning different cyber security topics.


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