United Imaging to unveil new technology at RSNA


United Imaging Healthcare will showcase its full portfolio of innovative technologies at RSNA 2023, including its latest whole-body MRI scanner and new medical AI solutions.

United Imaging’s booth will feature the uMR Jupiter 5T, a new 5-tesla whole-body MRI system that extends potential applications of ultra-high-field MRI to encompass the abdomen, heart, pelvis, and additional anatomical regions, according to the vendor. The uMR Jupiter 5T fits into existing 3T MRI spaces, with this signaling a significant advancement in the industry, United Imaging said.

uMR Jupiter 5T is pending 501(k) clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and made its maiden appearance at ECR 2023 in February in Vienna.

In addition to showcasing the uMR Jupiter 5T, the company’s booth will feature the uAIFI Technology Platform, which features ACS, a U.S.-approved AI-assisted MR acceleration technology designed to enhance both 2D and 3D imaging, and EasySense respiratory gating and monitoring, which offers a belt-free experience for patients while simultaneously streamlining the workflow for healthcare professionals, United Imaging said.

In CT, the company will feature the uCT ATLAS, an ultra-premium CT scanner designed for imaging cardiovascular diseases. The scanner features rapid rotation speeds, extensive z-axis coverage, and integrated AI.

United Imaging will also unveil the uDR 380i Pro, an innovative mobile x-ray system. This system features a lightweight design and a 50 kW power capacity, as well as flexible positioning and a long-range battery capacity that allows up to 800 x-ray exposures per charge. The uDR 380i Pro fits into tight spaces, and visitors to the company’s booth at RSNA will be invited to test drive the system on an “obstacle course” – an interactive showcase designed to highlight the system’s agility and practicality in real-world scenarios.

Moreover, United Imaging’s latest molecular imaging scanner, the new uMI Panorama, will also be on display, with this scanner featuring a 2.9 mm NEMA resolution, a 35 cm axial field-of-view (FOV), a 143cps/kBq effective system sensitivity, and a 194 ps timing resolution.

Additionally, United Imaging Intelligence, an AI company within United Imaging Group’s portfolio, will demonstrate the use of the company’s AI algorithms across the realms of neurology, cardiology, and oncology, plus a comprehensive AI portfolio on thoracic imaging, the vendor said.

RSNA attendees will see holographic projections of lower limb vascular structures seamlessly overlaying human subjects. This innovation is United Imaging Intelligence’s uAI-MERITS (Metaverse Ecosystem for Robotic Intervention, Therapy, and Surgery) technology, which is designed and engineered to create the digital twin of the patient, medical staff, and operating environment, United Imaging said.

United Imaging will display its technology at RSNA 2023 at booth #4100.


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