Sumner County, TN authorities hope new technology can help solve 2018 cold case


SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Anthony Driver’s family has a lot to say about him as a loving son and devoted brother. However, his death remains a mystery five years later, and the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office is working around the clock to try and figure out who killed him.

“He was reported missing in September of 2018,” said Chief Deputy Eric Craddock of the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s a mystery that has had Sumner County detectives stumped for years.

“His mother was a former police officer and for her to make that call and say, ‘Hey, something… something is wrong here,’ she knows that business. She knows how we operate every day and she obviously indicated that something was wrong,” Craddock explained.

Anthony Martin Driver was 36 years old when he went missing. Driver was living in Westmoreland when he was reported missing by his mother. While many can account for his life, it’s his death that has left many, including law enforcement, puzzled.

“I can only imagine if that was my child was missing, and making a death notification is never easy, and that’s only compounded with the difficulty of it being someone you know and you work with,” said Craddock.

While the missing persons report came from Macon County, Sumner County caught wind of it a month later when a body was found.

“We did an autopsy and confirmed that it was Anthony Driver. The autopsy confirmed that it was foul play and it was definitely a homicide, and so we’ve been working the case ever since then,” Craddock revealed. “The autopsy report indicated that he died from a gunshot wound.”

Driver’s body was found in October 2018. Those leading the case are hoping new technology will help develop more leads and crack the case.

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“There was evidence obtained initially. Technology moves every day, right? So there are just some difficulties in getting that technology pinned down and making that evidence result in a successful prosecution,” said Craddock.

Anyone who has information regarding Driver’s disappearance, death, or circumstances surrounding his death is asked to call the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office at 615-452-2616.


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