SRP and ASU using latest technologies to preserve structural integrity of dams


PHOENIX — SRP and ASU are collaborating on projects that focus on preserving and maintaining the structural integrity of SRP’s dams using state-of-the-art technology.

The two technologies involved are lidar, which uses laser light to measure distances, and a digital twin—a virtual copy of an object.

“[SRP] is one of the first in the industry to use this technology,” said SRP Hydroengineering Manager Russell Genet.

The objects under examination are the hydropower turbines at Horse Mesa and Mormon Flat dams northeast of the Valley.

Genet describes the technology as a game changer, citing its ability to enable predictive maintenance.

“We can perform preventative maintenance, improve efficiency, and enhance our maintenance cycles,” he said.

The technology can identify subtle differences inside the turbine, detecting potential issues like cracks or leaks.

Crews can then address problems before they escalate, avoiding unnecessary searches for nonexistent issues and saving time and money.

SRP reports saving hundreds of thousands of dollars since implementing the technology.

SRP and ASU are now exploring the technology’s ability to predict issues into the future, which will take some time to solve.

“Can we look two hours out? How many days out? Can we accurately predict future issues?” Genet questions.


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