Sony’s Alpha camera models will soon get Anti-AI detection technology


Sony is planning to take on AI-generated images with its upcoming ‘in-camera authenticity’ technology. Developed in partnership with the non-profit news organisation Associated Press (AP) and Camera Bits, the company recently announced that it has completed the second round of testing.

The camera maker said that the technology introduces a digital signature that “allows for the creation of a birth certificate for images, validating the origin of the content. ”

Since the digital signature is generated during the moment when a photographer takes an image in the camera’s hardware chipset, it might help professionals ensure the authenticity of their content and offer news agencies an extra layer of security.

Neal Manowitz, COO and President of Sony Electronics said that the new technology has shown valuable results, but shared little to no information on how it will work. It is highly plausible that images taken will have a large amount of metadata with details like the camera model along with information like when the picture was taken and if any edits have been made since it was first shot.

Sony says the digital signature feature will be available sometime in 2024 via a firmware update on its Alpha 9 III, Alpha 1 and Alpha 7S III models. However, the Japanese electronic giant is not the first company to work on a technology that detects if an image has been tampered with in any way.

Festive offer

In October this year, Leica unveiled the M11-P rangefinder, a camera that uses a Content Credential label that contains information about the time of photo was taken and if any changes have been made to it. However, it costs a whopping $9000 (approx. 7,50,000), which is far more than Sony’s Alpha models.

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First published on: 23-11-2023 at 12:40 IST


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