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Recently, the 25th China Hi-tech Fair (referred to as “CHTF”) kicked off in high anticipation. Dr. Liu Zhifeng, Vice President of Central New Energy Holding Group, was invited to attend the International Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Forum and delivered a speech with the theme of “New Energy Development Trend and Innovative Application of Energy Storage Technology”, which introduced the company’s technological innovation and application practice in the field of new energy in detail for the guests.

In 2023, N-type TOPCon technology has become the focus of photovoltaic industry; This technology has a brand-new surface passivation system, a brand-new metal contact system, good optical matching, and excellent body material matching, which makes TOPCon cell have the product characteristics of high efficiency, low attenuation, low temperature coefficient and excellent weak light response.

In the speech, Dr. Liu Zhifeng said: CHG EnSOL Renewable Technology Co., Ltd. takes TOPCon cell technology as its foothold, insists on reducing costs and increasing efficiency, continuously creates value for customers with excellent product quality and higher product performance, and is committed to becoming an outstanding enterprise in the photovoltaic field. In addition, Dr. Liu Zhifeng also highlighted the ultra-thin polysilicon technology and LECO technology (TOPCon3.0) that the company is currently developing and mass-producing and shared the future development route and product planning of the company’s TOPCon cell technology.

It is worth mentioning that the N-type TOPCon cell products mass-produced by CHG EnSOL have passed the certification of the authoritative third-party organization in the photovoltaic industry (National Photovoltaic Industry Metrology and Testing Center). Its conversion efficiency is as high as 26.06%, and the open-circuit voltage reaches 733.3mV, which successfully ranks among the first echelon in the “mass production conversion efficiency ranking” of photovoltaic cell industry. This certification result also fully demonstrates the company’s technical strength and leading position in the new energy field.

Dr. Liu Zhifeng, Vice President of Central New Energy Holding Group

In the speech, Dr. Liu Zhifeng also emphasized that CHG EnSOL will continue to deepen cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, jointly explore the market and promote the prosperity and development of photovoltaic and energy storage industries. This statement reflects the company’s determination and responsibility to promote the development of new energy.

At the end of the speech, Dr. Liu Zhifeng, vice president, called on the new energy industry to strengthen cooperation, jointly meet the challenges in technology, market and policy, and promote the development of green economy. This view was recognized by the guests at the scene, and it also won more attention and expectation for the development of CHG EnSOL. in the new energy field.

The brilliant performance of CHG EnSOL in the 25th CHTF fully demonstrated its strong strength and broad prospects in the field of new energy. In the future, CHG EnSOL will continue to increase R&D investment, aim at the international advanced level, and promote the integration and innovation of photovoltaic and energy storage technologies. While realizing its own technological breakthrough, the company will also actively undertake social responsibilities and contribute more to the development of green economy.


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