New app uses AI technology to find the perfect gift


SAN DIEGO — We all know that one person who is tough to shop for during the holidays. A North Park man hopes his app called ‘Cheerful‘ takes the stress out of gift giving. 

“I wanted to make this app because I’m a really bad gift giver,” said Ben Revzin, one of the co-creators of the app. “I used to write really punny cards and give them to my friends with a gift card. Like ‘It’s your birthday! Let’s be like a turtle and shellebrate!'”

Revzin, a self-proclaimed ‘techie,’ said he started using AI technology to shop for gifts and realized, why not make an app for others who may not be as tech-savvy.

“When you do a Google search for gift ideas, that content has to already be made,” said Revzin. 

“When you use AI, you can put whatever you want in and it’s basically making that gift guide for you in real-time,” he said. “I can find gifts for people who like a variety of things. If someone likes the beach and basketball and they like cars and they like looking at pictures of puppies. It will give me a great gift guide within seconds.”

You don’t have to sign up for anything to use Cheerful, you can just download the app. You will type in the name of the person you’re shopping for, choose their age, gender, what they’re interested in, and your budget.

The app will give you 12 different gift ideas with links directly to the gifts on Amazon. Cheerful doesn’t charge users anything. It gets paid by Amazon if you purchase a gift through the app.

You can get as specific as you want in describing what someone likes.

“[You can type in] full sentences, you can even write a paragraph for interests,” said Revzin. “The more input you give the app the better your output.”

“I think this technology is important because it helps people get things done faster and it reduces stress and headaches,” he added. “Whereas, before it maybe took you a few days to think of a good gift, now it takes you a few seconds.”

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