Mining Technology Excellence Awards 2023: Micromine


Micromine is a provider of next-generation technology for mining, covering the whole mining cycle from exploration and resource estimation through to mine design, planning, production control, and data management.

The company is a Category Award Winner for Innovation and Product Launches in the 2023 Mining Technology Excellence Awards as it released a raft of new features across its suite of products.

Exploration and geology

Micromine Origin, the company’s geological and exploration software, has introduced a ground-breaking feature poised to revolutionize traditional approaches to geological and resource modelling. Called Micromine Copilot, the tool is a cloud-based AI companion capable of processing any data that can be categorized or quantified and employs advanced machine learning techniques to craft thorough and robust models autonomously. Harboring no biases or agendas, the tool empowers workflows with objective insights that guide and validate decisions and pathways forward. This AI journey begins with grade modelling and will be rolled out to other features throughout Micromine Origin and the wider Micromine ecosystem.

Micromine’s Geobank software offers a secure and versatile solution for collecting, validating, processing, and managing geoscience data and associated workflows. A recent addition to this software is Panorama, an innovative feature that automates the labor-intensive task of cutting out and stitching together drill core imagery from core-tray photos, into a seamless down-hole image. Integrating this image with drillhole data enhances contextualization and geological insight, allowing users to extract more value from every drilled hole effortlessly.

Mine planning and scheduling

The most notable and innovative feature update came within the company’s Micromine Alastri mine planning solution, which is designed for open pit mines that process hard rock.

The company released what it says is the first battery-electric haulage modelling tool, allowing users to test the efficiency of multiple scenarios for their battery-electric and traditional truck fleets simultaneously, aiding decarbonization decision-making.

With mining companies increasingly conscious of the need to reduce emissions, and vehicle fleets being one of the main sources of those emissions, the need to have a clear reduction strategy has never been more important.

Micromine Spry is a scheduling and mine haulage modelling solution for mines that process soft rock such as coal. The launch included a key upgrade in the form of new reserving functionality for Micromine Spry. This now combines reserving and scheduling tools in one place, saving time for engineers by removing the need to switch between applications.

Elsewhere, the strategic mine planning tool Micromine Beyond received pit optimization improvements, significantly decreasing the time needed to generate pit designs. Updates to Micromine Beyond’s scheduling functionality include flexible and uncomplicated tools to generate end-of-period surfaces and a straightforward process to import into Micromine Alastri.

Mine control and fleet management

Micromine Pitram is a fully scalable, performance-driven solution that grants greater control over the mine and increases the productivity of operations, equipment, and personnel. It has been upgraded with Asset Health, a product feature that monitors equipment conditions for a comprehensive view of operational productivity. The system now also contains Positioning, which provides accurate position tracking and automated data capture.

Data management and collaboration

Micromine Nexus is a cloud-native collaboration and data-sharing solution tailored for the mining industry. Its latest release elevates teamwork by fostering interaction between human colleagues and AI companions, redefining the realm of collaboration. With new feature integrations throughout the Micromine ecosystem, Micromine Nexus offers synchronous collaboration, cloud computing, and cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities to enhance mining projects.

Company Profile

Since 1986, Micromine has transformed technological and industry expertise into valuable solutions, delivering eight innovative products to the global mineral resources industry. We are future-focused, with bold aspirations to shape the next generation of technology that empowers our clients to achieve outstanding operational and business growth. With over 22 offices globally, our footprint has become an integral part of the mining sector. We operate in more than 120 countries, with over 3600 diverse projects across 126 mine sites.

Contact details

Level 6, 251 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia 6000, Australia


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