Lotus launches its own charger technology including 450 kW DCFC


UK-based automaker Lotus is taking its 2028 electrification goals to another level, announcing a new line of EV charger options to support its growing lineup of all-electric hypercars. The new chargers are are available in China en route to other markets soon.

Lotus is a veteran boutique automaker with British roots, but is currently owned by Geely out of China. Such support from a major automotive conglomerate, especially one focused on expanding electric mobility globally, has helped Lotus develop some exciting EV technology to date.

It’s first all-electric vehicle and first-ever SUV, the Eletre, debuted in October 2022 with much hype, before Lotus gave consumers a firsthand look at what it could do at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

It was soon joined the the Emeya Hyper-GT, which made its debut in New York City this past September. With plans for a “Type 134″ D-segment SUV in 2025 and an all-electric sports car code named “Type 135” to follow in 2026, Lotus is heralding in a new era in which it intends to scale from building approximately 1,500 cars globally per year, to over 150,000 five years from now.

That’s not all either. Lotus develops its own platform architecture to support these electric hypercars, and has even dabbled in other forms of mobility, like a $25,000 electric bike for instance. Today, Lotus announced a new layer to its EV business, introducing its own charger lineup.

Lotus charger
From left to right: Lotus’ liquid-cooled charger unit, liquid-cooled power cabinet, and liquid-cooled all-in-one DC fast charger / Credit: Lotus

Lotus joins the EV charger game, beginning in China

Lotus shared details of its new charger lineup in a press release today, hoping to eventually capitalize on government subsidies around the globe by providing additional, reliable EV charging infrastructure. Per vice president of Lotus Technology and CEO at Lotus Flash Charge Alan Wang:

As more governments are increasing investment into electrification in their journey to net-zero, the demand for a reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure has never been higher than before. Lotus has developed best-in-class fast charging solutions to deliver a quick and reliable charging experience to meet customer needs.

To begin, Lotus’ charger lineup consists of three promising products (seen above) – all liquid-cooled to, according to Lotus, “make it easier and quicker for EV drivers to charge their vehicles.” Here they are:

  • All-in-One DC Charger: An ultra-fast charger delivering rates of up to 450 kW. Lotus cites that its Eletre R can add up to 88.5 miles (142 km) of range in about five minutes.
    • A 10% to 80% charge can be achieved in 20 minutes.
  • Power Cabinet: A modular power cabinet for spaces that require higher energy to increase efficiency and minimize charging times, such as highway rest stops.
    • The new Power Cabinet offers market-leading power output capabilities of up to 480 kW. 
  • Charging Unit: A charging terminal, which when paired with Liquid-Cooled Power Cabinet, can charge up to four EVs at once.
    • The unit has a maximum current output of 600 Amp, ensuring it csn meet the needs of EV drivers.

According to Lotus, all three charger options are available in China beginning today and are expected to make their way over to a majority of markets in Europe as well as the Middle East in Q2 2024.

The automaker saw a record-breaking first half of 2023, and expects the full year to tell a similar story as it delves deeper in electrification and scaled production. Per Lotus Group chief commercial officer Mike Johnstone:

Over the past six years, Lotus has been investing in the technology and infrastructure to accelerate the transition to electrification. We want to make it easier than ever to own an electric vehicle and with our latest offerings, Lotus is able to provide customers with the confidence to access easy, fast, and efficient charging.

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