LNGCON 10th anniversary: A milestone in advancing LNG technology and sustaina-bility


As the Congress commemorate the 10th anniversary of the LNGCON Congress, it is a momentous occasion to reflect on the profound impact this platform has had on the LNG industry. Over the past decade, LNGCON has been at the forefront of showcasing global advancements, fostering innovation, and steering the industry toward a sustainable future.

A global stage for LNG expansion

LNGCON has played an essential role in the significant expansion of LNG infrastructure worldwide. From the establishment of new liquefaction and regasification terminals to the strategic diversification of supply sources, the Congress has consistently provided a stage where industry leaders converge to drive progress and forge meaningful collaborations that make our future brighter.

Technological advancements showcased

Through insightful discussions and presentations, the Congress has been instrumental in disseminating knowledge about improvements in liquefaction processes, modularisation, and floating LNG solutions. This emphasis on innovation has contributed significantly to enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of LNG projects, making strides in reaching even the most remote and challenging locations.

Spotlight on small scale LNG

LNGCON has not just mirrored industry trends but actively shaped them. The rise of small scale LNG projects, a central theme in LNGCON discussions, has been explored in depth. These projects, tailored for niche markets such as marine bunkering and decentralised power generation, have become integral to the industry’s overall strategy, fostering greater accessibility and versatility in LNG applications. As a result, LNGCON’s in-depth analysis and emphasis on small scale LNG have not only kept pace with industry shifts but have actively contributed to reshaping the LNG landscape itself.

Sustainability takes centre stage

In response to the growing emphasis on sustainability, the Congress has been a catalyst for the development and adoption of bio-LNG and synthetic LNG. These discussions align with environmental goals, showcasing LNGCON’s commitment to driving the industry towards eco-friendly alternatives.

LNGCON’s devotion to sustainability is more than a theme; it is a guiding principle. With a focus on global Sustainable Development Goals, it sets an example by organising events with greener practices. Embracing continuous improvement, the ‘Think Green’ ethos, and the 3R Initiative for waste management, the congress champions responsible and circular practices. The shift to a paperless approach, from events to the office, highlights leadership in resource conservation. The commitment to sustainable suppliers and internal initiatives, like recycling programmes, invites stakeholders to join in driving positive change in the LNG industry and beyond.

Evolving market dynamics discussed

LNGCON has been a dynamic platform where shifts in market dynamics, influenced by changes in supply and demand patterns, geopolitical developments, and innovative pricing strategies, have been openly discussed. The outcomes of these discussions serve as a practical guide for stakeholders, enabling them to adapt and respond effectively to the ever-changing conditions in the LNG market.

Adapting to global challenges

Over the last decade, global challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical shifts, have impacted the LNG industry. In response, LNGCON has proven to be a resilient and adaptable platform. It has provided an essential space for industry players to collectively address these challenges, fostering strength and shared insights. This collaborative approach has not only helped the industry withstand uncertainties but has also contributed to a more informed and prepared LNG sector.

Visionaries at LNGCON

Industry giants at LNGCON, including Shell, McDermott, and Titan, leverage the platform to share evolving visions for the future alongside insights and innovations. Notably, Shell’s transition from LNG to hydrogen and bio-LNG in the last five years mirrors broader industry changes. The programme’s thematic evolution, demonstrated by speakers like Rob Stassen and Christian Hoellinger from Shell, highlights a growing interest in topics such as marine LNG, the benefits of LNG, and the evolution of bio-LNG and hydrogen in transport.

McDermott’s shift from small scale LNG to broader alternative fuel discussions is evident in sessions led by Martin Mayer and Julia Turner. Titan’s transformation to Titan Clean Fuels signifies a deeper commitment to sustainability, as seen in Michael Schaap’s updates on FlexFueler and Jippe van Eijnatten’s exploration of LNG in maritime decarbonisation. This collective shift underscores the industry’s pursuit of sustainability and diversification showcased at LNGCON, and its importance in shaping the trajectory of the LNG industry.

Evolution of service providers

At LNGCON, key service providers like Cryostar and Chart Industries have showcased their evolution in thematic focus. Cryostar, highlighted through presentations by Philippe Heisch, unveils topics like ‘Fuelling Deploy’ and ‘Evolutive LNG Station Design’ at the congress, illustrating a commitment to movable and adaptable LNG stations. Sonia Rodeghiero, a Key Account Manager at Cryostar SAS, brings a valuable perspective on the role of innovation in reducing the total cost of ownership for LNG stations.

Chart Industries, featured prominently at LNGCON, emphasises compact LNG infrastructure through Jan Kurel’s presentation on ‘New Generation’ 3-in-1 fuelling stations. Tomas Cermák’s exploration of small scale LNG coastal terminals and Marcus Stegemann’s vision for small scale LNG as critical for European energy independence further solidify the alignment of these service providers with LNGCON’s themes of flexibility, innovation, and energy autonomy.

Looking ahead: A future shaped by LNGCON

As the Congress celebrates the 10th anniversary of LNGCON, it looks forward to the next decade with great anticipation. The Congress has become a compass for the industry, guiding it toward sustainability, decarbonisation, and the exploration of alternative fuels. LNGCON continues to be the heartbeat of a vibrant LNG community, collectively steering the course of history towards a greener and more sustainable future.

In conclusion, the 10th anniversary of LNGCON is not just a milestone for the Congress but a testament to its enduring impact on the LNG industry.

Join the celebration in Milan, Italy, on 11 – 12 March 2024. To receive the full programme of the Congress, visit the official website.

Here’s to a decade of insights, innovation, and the continued journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape, all led by the invaluable contributions of LNGCON.


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