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Science and Technology

Science and technology are extreme needs that change the holistic approach to people’s lives. Over the centuries, there have been new discoveries in the field of science and technology that help in modernization. Science and technology are an important part of our daily lives. We get up from our alarm clock in the morning and go to bed at night after turning off our lights. All this luxury that we have been able to afford is a result of science and technology. That is, from connecting with people to using digital content, everything involves science and technology. How we can do all this in such a short span of time is only for the betterment of science and technology. It is difficult to imagine our lives without science and technology. Science and technology are now spreading their wings in medical, educational, manufacturing, and other fields. Moreover, they are not limited to cities but also to rural areas for educational purposes. Indeed, our existence now depends on it. Science and technology have introduced us to the founding of modern civilization. This development contributes immensely to almost every aspect of our daily lives. So, people get a chance to enjoy these results. Every day, new technologies are coming up that make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

Chandasmita Kashyap,

Gauhati University.

The day is sure

to come

Of course, we couldn’t emerge victorious in the World Cup final, but let us not forget that the Indian team reached the final with a brilliant and historic performance. But the circumstances became such that India had to face defeat in the final. The Indian team performed brilliantly and won 10 consecutive matches, and the performance of India’s batsmen and bowlers was also strong. Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Mohammed Shami will be remembered for their contributions in this tournament. Virat’s 50th century and Shami’s 7 wickets in the semi-final will remain memorable, and their echo will be heard for a long time. Overall, organizing the Cricket World Cup on Indian soil was very successful. The Indian team does not need to be disappointed. “No matter how long the night is, the day is sure to come.”

Jahangir Ali,



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