KeraNetics providing advanced technology education video


KeraNetics, a Winston-Salem biotechnology company, said Monday it has become a featured contributor to the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Impacts program, a part of the National Science Foundation. 

The initiative aims to “spotlight the profound influence of ATE funding on local communities.”

KeraNetics said its involvement is a video that chronicles the personal journeys of individuals touched by these funds and illustrate how their stories intersect. Production for the KeraNetics-featured video begins in December.

KeraNetics and KeraVet Bio, along with founder and chief executive Dr. Luke Burnett will offer a first-hand account of how the private sector utilizes and benefits from ATE initiatives and funding.

The ATE initiatives include funding for education in biotechnology and other industry sectors that support up-to-date curricula and providing financial support to students pursuing associate degrees in technology.




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