Integra Launches Sterile Polypropylene Reagent Reservoirs With Sureflo™ Technology


INTEGRA Biosciences has extended its reagent reservoir portfolio to include 10 and 25 ml sterile polypropylene reservoirs with SureFlo™ anti-sealing technology. The latest additions to the range are manufactured from a highly chemically resistant material offering a broad reagent compatibility and reduced surface adsorption of proteins, making them ideal for sensitive molecular assays.

Adverse binding events can render polystyrene reservoirs unsuitable for applications such as sensitive molecular assays. The new polypropylene reservoirs with SureFlo anti-sealing technology are designed to overcome this challenge, offering lower surface binding of macromolecules so that you can do more without worrying about assay performance. Developed in response to customer needs, these latest additions further extend the reagent reservoir product range to offer a greater variety of reservoir options to suit an increasing number of diverse applications.

The unique combination of polypropylene with SureFlo and a surface treatment increasing adhesiveness and wettability ensures ultra-low dead volume to save costly reagents and improve assay compatibility. These attributes make the latest generation of polypropylene reservoirs ideal for applications using fluorescent dyes – such as SYBR® Green and TaqMan® qPCR – including forensic analyses, microarrays, next generation sequencing, gene cloning and protein work.

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