AI is Revolutionizing Event Technology in Ways That Will Transform How Attendees Experience Future Events


November 28, 2023


AI has been gradually changing the landscape of event technology at a very rapid pace. In an industry where staying ahead of technological trends is crucial, AI’s impact on marketing and event management has become increasingly significant. As witnessed in the rise of account-based marketing and enhanced personalization, AI is effectively reshaping how events are organized and experienced. As a result, this transformation now raises critical questions about the future of event technology and the role AI will play in shaping attendee experiences and event outcomes.

On the latest episode of “The Marketing AI SparkCast,” host Aby Varma had a conversation on the subject with Victor Kippes, CEO of Validar Incorporated and a recognized leader in event technology. Their discussion revolved around the ways AI is revolutionizing event management and marketing. THey also focused on its applications in creating more personalized and efficient experiences for attendees and organizers alike.

A few highlights of Varma and Kippes’ conversation include:

  • AI’s role in account-based marketing and its impact on sales and marketing strategies.
  • The application of AI in large, complex events for enhanced attendee navigation and engagement.
  • The potential of AI in assisting event producers with data analysis and demonstrating ROI.

Victor Kippes has over two decades of experience in sales and marketing. He is also a 2023 awardee of EventX’s 50 Most Influential Event Technology Professionals and has a wealth of knowledge in the field. His insights into the integration of AI in event technology is demonstrated by his thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.


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